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counselling tring – An Explanation

I offer counselling in Wendover, Aylesbury and the surrounding area.

What I believe about us and counselling

I believe as small children we make our own survival plan about how to stay safe and keep our heads above water in the environments we grow up in. It’s as if we create this child-sized lifejacket survival strategy of how to think, feel and behave with ourselves and others in certain ways.

As we grow the lifejacket may stay the same size. Like an adult wearing a child’s lifejacket, we may feel restricted in ourselves and in our power and options to be more fully us in the world.

I think counselling is about us understanding more
about your lifejacket. And in the safety of a confidential,
therapeutic relationship, as and when feels right for you,
taking it off now and again,
stretching and feeling more
you in the world.

I believe counselling is about helping find more you for you

It can also be about understanding how to be different with what you can’t change, as well as how to be different with what you can. And knowing the difference between the two.

Some more about couples counselling

In Couples work your relationship is the client, so together we’ll look at your patterns of relating to each other that don’t work for you and what options you have to do it differently.

Our work will be about understanding more about how relationships were done when both of you were growing up. When you’re not getting on do you feel or sound like someone from your past? Are you not getting your needs met, the way they didn’t get their needs met?

Couples counselling is about clearer communication. So the process is about you having the space and safety to have more contact with yourselves and each other about what you both need and want from your relationship as you move forward in your lives.

Have a look at my IN.f.a.q.page for questions you might like the answers to but maybe didn’t know you could ask.

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