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Men’s Health Week 2018: 11th-17th June

Men’s Health Week has just come to a close and I now want to spend a moment thinking about men’s mental health. Suicide is the biggest killer among men under 45, with 12 men a day in the UK killing themselves. Think of all the publicity violent crime garners and then hold this reality. If

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Find the hidden ‘Don’ts’ you might live by

  In their work as therapists in the 1970’s, Bob and Mary Goulding noticed a pattern of twelve hidden ‘Don’t’s’ that people seemed to be following, that limit their experience of themselves in the world. The Gouldings called these twelve hidden ‘Don’ts’ ‘Injunctions’ [Gouldings, 1976]. They’re decisions made by us as children from messages we

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Help – I cut and pasted my Parents into me!

We’ve all had that moment of ‘I sound just like my mum/ dad’. It’s that moment when we sound like we’ve got an internal copy of them stored inside us. In a way we have. It’s like we have cut and pasted our own versions of our parents into us. Welcome to your Parent Ego

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